Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology


The article is discuccing the wasted PCB board recycling technology, the recovery process and final products etc.

Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology-WANREES

wasted PCB recycling line

Raw meterial

With continuous development of electronic technology industry, the application of all kinds of PCB board are more extensively in our daily life. For example,  computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards, copper-clad laminate and other communication boards.

The normal PCB boards are composed of electronic components, base board and soldering tin , in which the percentage of each component is 58%, 37% and 5% separately. Every one ton baseboards include about 40% metal materials and 60% nonmetals, containing almost all the common elements in the periodic table. By estimate, 1 ton computer circuit board contains 0.5kg gold, 130kg copper, 10kg iron, 60kg plumbum, 40kg tin, 36kg nickel, 40kg antimony and some other rare precious metals, like platinum, palladium, etc.

Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology-WANREES

computer board

Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology-WANREES

cell phone board

Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology-WANREES

other communication boards

Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology-WANREES

copper-clad laminate

Why we need to recycle wasted PCB Board?

On one hand, the careless disposal of e-waste PCB board will result in serious environment pollution. Because heavy metal and plastic in PCB board will pollute air and leach into waterways if not handled properly. On the other hand, it has great economic value to recycle and reuse PCB boards for which contains many valuable recyclable materials . Such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver and ferrous metal.

Recycling of e-waste PCB board can significantly reduce the need to mine heavy metal and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing raw meterial . What’s more, electronic equipment can be refurbished and reused by recycling to preserve natural resource and harness the energy needed to produce new electronic devices.

Wasted Printed Circuit Board Recycling Process

Wanrooe e-waste circuit board recycling process mainly includes the primary shredder equipment, secondary crusher equipment, magnetic separation equipment, grinder equipment ,sorting equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

Electronic waste made of various metal and reinforced resin boards are with high hardness and strong toughness. So boards will be dismanted firstly by shredder. Then raw material will be sent to the crusher to be crushed into small pieces below 5mm. Next iron element will be separated by magnetic sepatation equipment. The remaining material will be transported into plastic pulverizer to be grinded into powder. The combination of shearing rotary crusher and impact rotary grinder is used for two-stage crushing to achieve the degree of full dissociation of metal and non-metal. The mixture of metal and non-matal powder will be sent into airflow separator to screen metal . Apply high-voltage electrostatic separator to separate metal powder from non-metal powder from the wasted PCB board. The fiber powder and dust will be collected by pulse dust collector.

The wasted PCB board recycling process has a high degree of fineness in material recovery. The separation rate of metal and non-metal can reach 99%. The treatment of circuit board is thorough, without dust leakage and pollution.

Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology-WANREES

PCB recycling process

Final Product

The whole line adopts a two-stage crushing step to get mixed metal and resin powder, which are separated and recovered by airflow separator and electrostatic separator. After sorting, more than 94% copper can be obtained. The size of resin and glass fiber mixed powder is mainly 100-300μm, which can be as an addictive for polymer products such as coatings and building material.

Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology-WANREES

metal mixed powder

Wasted PCB Board Recycling Technology-WANREES

resin powder

Features of Recycling Technology

1. Controlled by PLC system, high automatic program and reduce labor.

2. Suitable structure and layout, with stable performance and high efficiency.

3. Feedback system makes the grinder much more efficient.

4. The separation of rate of air separator can reach 97% and the separation rate of pulse dust cleaning device can reach 99%.

If you have any qustion or requirement about wasted PCB board recycling, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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