UBC Cans Recycling Technology


The article is mainly about the indroduction to UBC cans, how to recycle them and the final product of UBC cans recycling.

What are UBC Cans?

Aluminum cans bave been widely used around the world since they were invented in 1959. With advantages of strong stability, low cost, light weight and beautiful appearance , so there are various application of aluminum cans. Such as Coca-Cola cans, Pepsi cans, red-bull cans, Janlibao cans and so on. The extensive use of cans will result in a lot of wasted cans, which are called UBC(used beverage can) cans.

UBC Cans Recycling Technology-WANREES

coke-cola can

UBC Cans Recycling Technology-WANREES

pepsi can

UBC Cans Recycling Technology-WANREES

jianlibao can

UBC Cans Recycling Technology-WANREES

red-bull can

UBC Cans Recycling Technology-WANREES

compact UBC cans

Why we need to recycle UBC Cans?

Most of the cans are made of aluminum alloy, which is very important metal resource. The birth of cans has also increased the production of aluminum worldwide year by year. Only about 10 billion cans are produced in China every year, and nearly 180,000 tons of aluminum alloy are needed.

In addition to the main element aluminum, UBC cans are made of copper, magnesium, manganese,etc, all of which are important renewable resource. Aluminum has a high market value and continues to provide economic incentive to be recycled. The recycling of UBC cans is not only conducive to prevent mines from over-exploitation, but also reduces environment pollution during metal smelting process. It has great economic and environmental value to transform UBC cans into new aluminum products.

UBC Cans Recycling Technology-WANREES

the circle of cans recycling

How to Recycle UBC Cans?

The UBC cans recycling is to recover aluminum from wasted cans, the whole process includes next following steps.

1.  Crushing system: the UBC cans that have been compressed are firstly broken into pieces by crushing equipment. Equipped with magnetic separator to get iron removed.

2. D-coating system: the UBC cans pieces will be conveyed into cans carbonization furnace to realize paint removal. And the temperature of carbonization furnace cannot reach the melting point of aluminum.

3. Compact for bales system: in order to improve the recovery rate of aluminum smelting, it is necessary to package and compact aluminum to reduce the surface area of the UBC cans for less burning loss.

4. Smelting system: the pre-treated UBC cans are sent into the smelting furnace for smelting.

The Final Product

The final product of UBC cans recycling is aluminum ingots through pre-treatment process such as crushing and paint removal. About 25% of the recovered aluminum is used for making cans again, the rest is mainly used as raw materials for casting and die-castings to produce auto parts, motor parts, etc. And a small part of it is used as a deoxidizer for steelmaking. 

UBC Cans Recycling Technology-WANREES

aluminum ingots

UBC Cans Recycling Technology-WANREES

aluminum ingots

The above is the relevant introduction about UBC cans and cans recycling technology. Wanrooe has been developing the UBC cans recycling process, if you has any question or requirement, please contact us for more information.

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