UBC Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

WANREES UBC recycling plants are the most cost-effective option for UBC recycling. Two stage size reduction, low speed pre-shredding with concave blades and fine grinding with using hammers with high manganese content not only lowers maintenance costs but also ensure consistent and reliable throughput for long term processing.

UBC Aluminum Can Recycling Machine

Plate Chain Conveyor
Double Shaft Shredder
Eddy Current Separator
Pulse Dust Collector
Hammer Crusher


The UBC recycling solution is suitable for recycling Coke cans, Sprite cans, beer cans, Chengde Lulu cans, Red Bull beverage cans, tin cans, aluminum cans, metal cans, tin cans, all kinds of metal cans, tin cans, paint buckets and other renewable metal cans.

UBC Aluminum Can Recycling Application

UBC Recycling:

After collecting aluminum, plastic and glass beverage containers, the correct and efficient process to recycle them is quite important. Otherwise, it is off to the landfill.
UBC recovery systems can be different due to the different material nature. Bottles or cans can be sorted, crushed or flattened first. Then we can transport them to the processing facility for separation, cleaning, weighing, shredding, or baling. Finally, we can deliver the bottles after baling to the bottles or cans manufacturer. Aluminum and glass are also available to be remanufactured infinitely into new products.

UBC Aluminum Can Recycling Machine Working Process:

A typical UBC recycling plant would include the following components:

1. Plate Chain Conveyor – easy and even feeding of the material to the system
2. Double Shaft Shredder – shreds the UBC cans into chips
3. Belt Conveyor – transports the shredded chips to the Hammer Crusher
4. Hammer Crusher – high speed and impact grinding of the chips into smaller clean fractions.
5. Pulse Dust Collector – removes dust and fines from the system and filters the air before returning it to the atmosphere.
6. Eddy Current Separator-Separating non-ferrous metals from aluminum can chips
6. Incinerator-Remove the paint on the surface of the can, carbonize it, and achieve paint stripping on the aluminum can

UBC Aluminum Can Recycling Machine Technical Features:

  • The UBC recycling system is equipped with a dust removal device, which minimizes the dust pollution hazards generated during the production process and serves as a dust material collection.
  • UBC recycling process, low noise, no pollution, simple operation and easy maintenance.
  • The high degree of automation, high efficiency, low labor costs;
  • Adopting PLC automation control, so that the system coordinates the working environment between the equipment;
  • Equipped with magnetic separation equipment, adopting strong magnetic drum type sorter to separate out the iron metal contained in the materials;
  • Simple and clear structure, reasonable layout. Stable operation.

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