Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment


The article mainly talks about the scrap radiators recycling equipment, the complete set of process and working principle.

Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment-WANREES

scrap air conditioner radiator, heating radiators recycling line


There are many kinds of radiators produced and widely used around the world every year. Such as household air conditioner radiator, car air conditioner radiator, heating radiator and so on. Since radiators are composed of copper, aluminum and iron, the careless disposal of them will not only pollute environment but also result in waste of resource. It is reasonable to develop a set of equipment to recycle wasted radiators effectively and efficiently.

The complete set of scrap radiators recycling equipment from Wanrooe, which is used to separate and recover copper, aluminum and iron contained in scrap radiators. In order to realize resource regeneration and create business value.

Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment-WANREES

air conditioner radiator

Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment-WANREES

car air conditioner radiator

Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment-WANREES

heating radiator

Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment-WANREES

scrap radiators

Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment-WANREES

scrap heating radiators

Working Principle

The complete set of scrap radiators recycling equipment covers crushing system, magnetic separation system, sorting system and dust removed system. The crushing and sorting system plays an important role in the recycling line, which is used for the separation and recovery of metal(copper,aluminum and iron). Recovery rate of aluminum, copper, iron and other metal is as high as 99%, environment-friendly and without secondary air pollution.

Process Flow

The recycling line is the combination of a set of equipment such as shredder, crusher, magnetic separator, airflow separator and pulse dust collector in sequence.

Scrap radiators are firstly sent into double shaft shredder to be dismantled and torn into small pieces. Then shredded material will be sorted of iron by magnetic separator, the remianing material will enter hammer crusher by belt conveyor to be cutted and sheared into mixture pieces of aluminum and copper. Mixture pieces of aluminum and copper can be sorted respectively by airflow and specific gravity separator. Aluminum is sorted out by vibrating screen due to its lower density and the left is broken copper. The treatment process adopts a closed type and is equipped with pulse dust collector, which effectively prevent the dust from overflowing.

Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment-WANREES

radiators recycling process

Final Product

Scrap radiators recycling equipment is specially designed for crushing scrap air conditioner radiators and then separating copper, aluminum and iron for recovery. The separation rate of air separator can reach 97% and the separation rate of pulse dust collector up to 99%.

Scrap Radiators Recycling Equipment-WANREES

radiators recycling final products

Features of Radiator Recycling Equipment

1.  Controlled by PLC system, fully automatic and save labor resource.

2. Simple structure, reasonable layout, large processing capacity and stable operation.

3. The shredder adopts the design of two shafts and rolles, which can crush big-volume radiators in low noise and large torque.

4. The cutting tool of crusher is made of alloy steel, which is produced by a special process and with longer service life.

5. Magnetic separator has strong ability to attract iron, with sorting rate of 99%.

6. Adopt cyclone dust collectorto prevent dust leakage in 99% efficiency, no air pollution.

7. Airflow separator machine is with sorting rate of 97%.

The above is relevant introduction to scrap radiators recycling equipment. As an professional and experienced recycling manufacturer, Wanrooe has great advantages in solid waste recovery. If you has any interest or question about our recycline line, please contact us for more details.

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