Lithium Battery Plastic Pulverizer Machine


The article mainly states the role of plastic pulverizer in the lithium battery machinical separation and recovery. What’s more , how does pulverizer work and it’s features.

The plastic pulverizer adopted in the lithium battery physical rocovery is PNMP series turbo-type pulverizer. It can be used for grinding soft&rigid materials , like PVC pipe, profile, sheet, bottle, PCB, aluminum plastic and so on.

Plastic pulverizer works to grind the residue scraps  (e.g. electrode activity, copper, aluminum) after twice crushing screening and collecting , and end powder size is 15-20 mesh. In preparation for the airflow separator to sort metal powder (e.g. copper, aluminum) according to powder density, the remaining non-metallic powder (e.g. lithium cobaltate powder, carbon powder) will be collected by the pulse dust collector in negetive pressure.

Lithium Battery Plastic Pulverizer Machine-WANREES

How does Plastic Pulverizer work?

Lithium battery scraps are feeded from the hopper, and then fall into the grinding chamber in an orderly manner through vibration feeder.There is a high-speed rotating blade disc installed in the grinding chamber, just like the blades of a fan and a circle of fixed knives with teeth outside. Lithium battery scraps are driven by rotating knives, rubbed and squeezed into powder through the interaction of fixed blades and rotating ones.

Next, lithium battery powder will be sucked into silo by air blower. Then material will fall evenly into vibrating sieve divice through the air locker . End powder size can be controlled by mesh size , the ones smaller than the sieve aperture will be screened out, and larger powder will be left in the first layer of sieve and then sent back to the grinding chamber for further grinding.

The pulverizer machine is designed with adjustable device, which can allow you to adjust the gap between the stationary blades and rotating blades, finally to control the lithium battery powder or other materials fineness and size, and meet different needs.

The features of Plastic Pulverizer

The plastic pulverizer has the obvious features of compact structure, high capacity and small noise. Compared with other milling machines, it has large output with the same energy consumption, saving energy.

1.PNMP Pulverizer can easy to grind all kinds of Hard & Soft PVC into powder.
2.The dust collector is added to effectively reduce dust pollution.
3. Full automatic design, automatically feeding, discharging and sorting.
4. The door cover of the host can be opened for  convenience of maintenance and replacement of cutters.
5. Thepulverizer uses the water and wind double cooling system, Prevent bearing and other parts from overheating.
6. The powder mesh is adjustable(15-100mesh).
7. Easy installation and maintenance, just open the door to clean up.
8. Well-known brand accessories, such as SKF bearings and Siemens motors, can work for a long time, saving the trouble of changing accessories frequently.
9. With a wide range of optional accessories, professional solutions can be developed based on the customer’s budget and processing requirements.

If you have any question , please contact us for more roport on lithium battery rocovry and plastic pulverizer.

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