Lithium Battery Physical Recycling Line


The article discusses the ways to recycle lithium battery and how to recycle lithium battery in physical way.

Lithium Battery Physical Recycling Line-WANREES

Wanrooe lithium battery physical recycling line

The ways to recycle Lithium Battery

The process of lithium battery recycling, it can boiled into three steps. The first step is the pretreatment process of the battery, mainly the residual power treatment, dismantling, crushing, and sorting of the battery. The second step is the separation of positive and negative current collectors and active materials. The third step is the extraction of metal such as cobalt and manganese, and the treatment of electrolyte for recycling.

On the other hand, these steps of recycling lithium battery can be classified as physical method, chemical method and biological method. Specific recycling methods for lithium batteries include dry treatment, wet treatment and biological treatment technology.

Physical method

Lithium battery physical recycling methods are pretreatment of lithium battery recycling line, including physical crushing and separation, and high temperature pyrolytic cracking.

Physical crushing and sorting method is used for dismantling, grinding ,screening , sorting and recycling lithium batteries. Such as softpack battery, cylindrical battery, vehicle power battery and so on.

High temperature pyrolytic cracking method aims at calcining and decomposing lithium battery after preliminary physical treatment of crushing and separation . In order to remove organic binder and realize efficient separation and recovery.

Chemical method

Based on the pretreatment of lithium battery, chemical method is that utilizing inorganic acid solution to leach the metal ions in the positive electrode of waste batteries. Further separating and purifing valuable metal elements such as cobalt, nickel, manganese and lithium by precipitation, extraction, salting out, ion exchange, and electrochemical method.

Biological method

Using inorganic acid and acidophilic Thiobacillus ferrooxidans to leach metals from waste lithium batteries. And then use S and ferrous ions (Fe2+) to generate H2SO4, Fe3+ and other metabolites in the leaching medium. These metabolites help dissolve metals in waste batteries.

How to recycle Lithium Battery in physical way

At present, the research on the recycling of lithium battery is mainly foused on the recovery of high value cathode metal such as cobalt and lithium. The lithium battery physical separation and recycling line is designed to dismantle and recycle cathode and anode material ,metal(e.g. aluminum,copper) and so on.

Our conmany has worked out an environmentally-friendly physical separation process to realize efficient recovery of lithium batteries.

Process Flow

The physical pretreatment of lithium batteries is comprised of the following steps: discharge treatment of wasted batteries, coarse crushig into small pieces, heat treatment to volatilize water and electrolyte, fine crushing , magnetic separation, vibrating sieve device, grinding, air separation, gravity separetion, screening and pulse dust collector.

Lithium Battery Physical Recycling Line-WANREES

lithium battery recycling line

The final products of lithium battery physical recycling line are lithium cobaltate powder, graphite powder, copper, aluminum and diaphragm.

If you have any problem about lithium battery physical recycling line and machines, please contact us for more reports.

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