Lithium Battery Hammer Crusher


The article is talking about the role of hammer crusher in the lithium battery crushing and recovery process, its working principle and other applications.

The machenical separation of Lithium Battery

The machenical separation and recycling method  is the first stage in the whole recovery process. Physical crushing and sorting is helpful for further processing and preparation for the subsequent chemical leaching process.

Mechanical separation methods refer to the disassembly and separation of batteries where the battery components (e.g. electrode activity, collector and shell) are crushed, sieved, magnetically separated, refined and sorted to obtain valuable high-quality materials. Finally, we can obtain 99% pure plastic, 98% pure ferrous metals (e.g. iron) and 99% pure non-ferrous metals (e.g. Cobalt, Nickel, Maganese).

Lithium Battery Hammer Crusher-WANREES

The role of Hammer Crusher in Lithium Battery machenical separation

Hammer crusher works to fine crush the lithium battery small pieces that tored by double shaft shredder. The double shaft shredder serves for primary size reduction. We add a hammer crusher so that battery particle size can be reduced to 10-12mm, which helps for the next screening of carbon and diaphragm, the removal of iron and the grinding of surplus material.

How does Hammer Crusher work?

The rotor is driven by the motor, and the rotor drives the hammer plate to rotate at a high speed. After the lithium batteries enter the crushing chamber, they are crushed by the high-speed impact and shear of the hammer plate.
The finished battery particles are discharged outside the machine through the lower end of the machine. The discharged granularity can be controlled by adjusting the screen gap.

We fix a protective cover upper the crushing hopper, this prevents battery flakes from splashing around. It is also convenient for battery infeed.

Other applications of Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher is also knowned as metal crusher. It has a wide application in crushing all kinds of matal (e.g. aluminum cans, paint cans, beer bottle caps, sheet iron, refrigerators, car shells, etc. ). Hammer crusher is also suitable for cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, crushing medium-hardness materials with a maximum partical size of 600-1800 mm to 25mm or less, such as SPC, wood, limestone, slag, cokes, coal and other materials.

* Various drink cans: sprite cans, coke cans, red bull cans, beer cans, zip-top cans, etc.
* Beer bottle cap, tin cover
* Empty tanks: paint cans, steel drums, motor oil drums, etc.
* Waste vehicles: bicycles, motorcycles, car shells, etc.
* Electrical appliances: TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
* Filing cabinet, safe box, color steel tile, sheet iron, angle bar, and other metal scraps which are suitable for crushing.

Lithium Battery Hammer Crusher-WANREESLithium Battery Hammer Crusher-WANREESLithium Battery Hammer Crusher-WANREESLithium Battery Hammer Crusher-WANREES

Our hammer crusher adopts high strength lining plate inside. So it is durable enough to crush lithium battery and other materials. The motor power can be customized according to your need. Other related equipment can be provided, such as a conveyor, air blower, vibration screen, magnetic separator, and dust collector. If you have any question about lithium battery recovery and hammer crusher, please feel free to contact us.

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