Electrostatic Separator in E-waste Recycling


The article discusses about the e-waste recycling electrostatic separator equipment, the constrcution and working principle,etc.

Electrostatic Separator in E-waste Recycling-WANREES

electrostatic separator equipment


Electrostatic separator is mainly composed of high-voltage electrostatic generator, frame, insulation board, conveyor belt, driving wheel, rotating wheel, recycling board, discharge electrode and metal protective net.

The electrostatic separator is a device to separate 2-3 kinds of materials based on the different electrical properties of materials. It has a wide use in e-waste recycling to separate metal from non-metal materials, such as waste aluminum-plastic recycling, watse copper wires recycling and waste PCB boards recycling.

Working Principle

The electrostatic separator is known as electric separator as well. The high-voltage static generated by the high-voltage generating device inside the equipment discharges to the grounded rotating roller, and the material to be sorted are evenly dropped onto the rotating roller through a special feeding device. Once the conductor material receives electricity, the electricity will be transported onto the ground through the grounding rotating roller. And the conductor material is thrown into conductor receiving hopper due to inertia effect of the rotating roller. 

The non-conductor material will be adsorbed on the surface of the rotating roller after receiving electricity , and then swept by the brush and fall into the non-conducting hopper.  

Electrostatic Separator in E-waste Recycling-WANREES

Schematic diagram of working principle


The electrostatic separator can not only be used to separate mixture material of metal and non-metal but also sort multiple plastic substance.

Electric seperator can classify metal and non-metal material respectively on the basis of difference in conductive properties. What’s more, the separator can separate mixed plastic material according to different physical properties. Such as PP, PE, PS, PA, PVC, PET and so on. And the purity of plastic sorting can reach about 99%.

It is a dry physical separation method that utilizing electrostatic separator. In order to facilitate sorting, mixed material with big size need to be crushed into smaller pieces.

Features of Electrostatic Separator

1.High efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection separation equipment.

2.the separation efficiency can be up to 99%.

3.It is easy to operate and maintain. And it possesses an automatic discharge system to provide reliable security for the operator.

4.Electrostatic separation equipment adopts an automatic voltage regulating device especially to ensures the high voltage power is always stable.

5.Equipped with dust-removal device, which prevents dust from influencing separation efficiency of machine.

Electrostatic Separator in E-waste Recycling-WANREES

PCB recycling machine

The above is relevant introduction to electrostatic separator, which plays an signature role of separating metal material in e-waste recycling. If you have any interest in e-waste recycling and electric separator, please feel free to contact us. We are very glad to hear from you!

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