How to sort out aluminum plastic from pill packaging?



Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine is used for recovery of waste aluminum-plastic materials, can put the aluminum and plastic separation, aluminium plastic separator adopts crushing, grinding, separating, dust removing technology process to achieve completely & simultaneously separating recycling aluminum metal and plastic powder. And the recycled aluminum powder can be sold directly to the aluminum reclamation plants and fireworks and firecrackers plants, the PVC powder also can be sold in the market as the re-process materials.

Application Areas:

The waste aluminum-plastic crushing and sorting equipment is a device that completely separates the aluminum-plastic composite material into aluminum and plastic. The raw materials come from the corner scraps of pharmaceutical factories, aluminum-plastic board factories, food and beverage plants and other aluminum foil packaging industries, waste soft bags, capsule plates and toothpaste skins in waste stations.The laminated packaging is used to refer to plastic/aluminium laminates used in a range of packaging formats, including pouches, bags and tubes, for the packaging of consumer goods such as food, drinks, pet foods, toothpastes, and cosmetic products.



Production Process:

Aluminum powder and plastic are separated through dry crushing and physical electrostatic separation technology. Specific steps are as follows:

  1. First, the waste aluminum-plastic products are put into the crusher in the aluminum-plastic sorting equipment for dry crushing.
  2. Then, through secondary crushing, third-level grinding and other processes, the waste aluminum-plastic products are further refined.
  3. Next, physical electrostatic separation technology is used to separate the refined aluminum powder from the plastic. In this process, the equipment is highly automated and the separation purity can reach 99%.
  4. The separated aluminum powder can be directly used to prepare industrial aluminum powder, so that the waste aluminum-plastic panels can be reused as resources.
  5. The entire sorting process does not require adding water or heating, so no waste water or gas will be generated, and it will not cause pollution to the environment.

This sorting method not only effectively solves the problem of processing waste aluminum-plastic materials and reduces the waste of limited resources, but also the separated aluminum powder sells well, and even small aluminum-plastic panel scraps can be fed and separated. Therefore, aluminum-plastic separation technology has a wide range of applications, covering different types of aluminum-plastic waste, providing a reliable solution for environmental protection and resource utilization.

How to sort out aluminum plastic from pill packaging?-WANREES

The Aluminum-plastic sorting is an efficient equipment mainly used to separate waste aluminum-plastic composite materials. This equipment consists of a feeding system, a sorting system and a dust collection system. Each system has unique functions. It uses advanced technology to effectively separate and recycle the aluminum and plastic layers in aluminum-plastic composite materials.

Technical Features:

1. High automation program, simple operation and stable performance;

2. The separation efficiency of electro-selection is up to 99%, and the finished product can be sold directly;

3. No waste water discharge, real green environmental sorting, no secondary pollution;

4, low power consumption, low noise, small footprint, no dust pollution;

5. Wide range of sorting materials, fast sorting speed;

6. The aluminum-plastic sorting and reusing treatment equipment adopts water-cooled and air-cooled turbine mills, which make the material separation more clean and adapt to a wider variety of materials.

Parts introduction:

How to sort out aluminum plastic from pill packaging?-WANREES

In aluminum-plastic sorting, the crusher can break aluminum-plastic packaging into particles suitable for electrostatic sorting, improving sorting efficiency and purity. At the same time, the crusher can also perform preliminary screening and classification of materials for subsequent sorting and processing.

How to sort out aluminum plastic from pill packaging?-WANREES

The pulverizer machine can crush the crushed aluminum-plastic materials again to reach a size suitable for electrostatic separation. The function of the grinding mill is to improve the efficiency and purity of electrostatic separation so that aluminum and plastic can be better separated.

How to sort out aluminum plastic from pill packaging?-WANREES

Aluminum-plastic electrostatic separator is a device that uses electrostatic field to separate aluminum-plastic composite materials. This machine applies high-voltage static electricity to create differences in the electrical properties of the surface of aluminum-plastic composite materials, and uses electrostatic adsorption to separate aluminum and plastic.

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