Aluminum-Plastic Blister Pack Recycling Technology


The article is mainly about the aluminum plastic mechanical recycling technology for blister pack, how to recycle and the reovery value,etc.

There are many kinds of aluminum plastic products in our daily life, such as yorgurt container, collapsible tube, wasted aluminum plastic food bags and aluminum composite panel,etc. It has high business value to recycle waste aluminum-plastic which contains large amount of aluminum, especially for aluminum-plastic blister pack. Because the application of blister pack is much more extensive compared with other aluminum-plastic products.

The blister pack recycling designed by Wanrooe can effectively separate and reuse aluminum from aluminum plastic composite material.

Aluminum-Plastic Blister Pack Recycling Technology-WANREES

blister packaging

Aluminum-Plastic Blister Pack Recycling Technology-WANREES

blister packaging

Recycling Process

The aluminum plastic recycling equipment can separate aluminum and plastic from blister pack ,and realize the collection and reutilization of aluminum. The whole process of blister pack recycling includes crushing system, grinding system and sorting system.

 Firstly, a large amount of blister pack will be sent into crusher to be dissociated. Then blister packs pieces will be grinded into powder, which meets end particle size will be separated by rotary screen. Finally, plastic powder and aluminum powder will be sorted and collected respectively by high voltage electrostatic separator.

All the process is physical separation and without chemical pollution, so it is a environmental friendly recycling solution. What’s more, the recycling line can be widely used and adapted to different places.

Aluminum-Plastic Blister Pack Recycling Technology-WANREES

aluminum-plastic blister packaging recycling process

The Features of Mechanical Recycling

1.  High automation program, simple operation and stable perfomance.

2. The separation efficiency of electro-selection is up to 99%.

3. No wastewater discharge, real green environmental sorting, no secondary pollution.

4. Low power consumption, low noise and small footprint.

5. The production line is widely used, wide range of sorting materials.

6. The aluminum-plastic sorting and reusing treatment equipment adopts water cooling and air cooling turbine mill, which makes the material separation clearner and suitable for a wide variety of materials.

The above is introduction to aluminum-plastic  recycling technology, if you have any interest about our recycling equipment, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to hear from you!

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