Airflow Gravity Sorting Equipment


The article is mainly about the introduction to airflow specific gravity sorting equipment, the operating principle and application, etc.

Airflow Gravity Sorting Equipment-WANREES

airflow separator

The airflow gravity sorting equipment is also known as airflow separator, which is commmonly used to separate mixed material with different gravity. Since more and more mixed material need to be classified due to the demand of market, the application of air separator is becoming more extensive. The equipment produced by Wanrooe has a high purity rate of separation, with compact and simple structure and can serve for a long time.

Operating Principle

The airflow gravity sorting equipment classify mixture based on different gravities of material. On one hand, the airflow separator will lift up the lighter material out of equipment and take them away horizontally into feeder. On the other hand, the heavier material will sink because they have a lot of inertia so that cannot be lifted up by airflow.

Adjustment of inverter and air volume will change the direction and speed of particle movement. In the end of separation, different material will be classified into different feeder to achieve effective and efficient separation.

Airflow Gravity Sorting Equipment-WANREES

airflow separator working principle

Scope of Application

The airflow gravity sorting equipment adopts automatic circulation of airflow and combines separating and collecting in one unit. It is suitable for separating and sorting all kinds of metal and non-metal material, which is with different size and shape. Wanrooe airflow gravity separator can be applied in many industries, such as mining, chemical, metal recycling. And especially plays an important role in the material sorting process of wasted printed circuit boards and wires recycling.

Features of Airflow Separator

1.  Fully automatic control, easy operation and labor saving.

2. Low noise and no secondary pollution, equipped with pulse dust collector to remove dust.

3. Highseparation efficiency, the purity of material can reach 90% after separation.

4. With compact structure and small voiume; strong practicability and stable performance.

The above is relevant information about airflow gravity sorting equipment. Airflow gravity separator is one new screening equipment produced by our company, also is the common environment-friendly device used for mixture separation in recycling industries.

If you have any interest about airflow separator, please feel free to contact us. We are very glad to hear from you!

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